1. UC for All

We are committed to winning a fully-funded, tuition-free UC for All. Enacting this vision means that we fight to 1) tax the rich to reverse decades of state divestment from higher education, and 2) increase student and worker control over the University of California.

2. Democratic, Member-Driven Union

We are committed to an empowered UAW 2865 membership; a representative, diverse, and rotating union leadership; open bargaining; and transparency of union finances and decision-making. Union democracy does not exist without high union membership and high worker participation. We believe that a supermajority, engaged membership will lead to greater democracy in our union.

3. Strong, Robustly-Enforced Contract

We fight for strong comprehensive contracts for academic workers that include living wages, affordable housing and full fee waivers; rights for international, immigrant, and undocumented students; safe work environments free from harassment and discrimination; workplaces that are free of surveillance and police brutality; childcare and just leave policies; and the workplace conditions, such as smaller class sizes, that enable high-quality public education. We believe that any rights we win at the bargaining table must be robustly enforced by departmental union leaders and rank-and-file organizing. We organize for strong contract enforcement because our rights are fundamental to advancing workplace democracy.

We believe that winning a UC for All requires deep organizing and mass mobilization of a supermajority membership. By deep organizing, we mean the building of grassroots worker leadership across departments through organizing conversations, with the goal of expanding the base of members involved in our union and developing a shared understanding of the structural forces we’re up against and how to fight them. By mass mobilization, we mean the participation of thousands of union members and community members in mass actions to advance our collective demands.

4. Building Power Through Deep Organizing and Mass Mobilization

We build solidarity and coalitions with workers and their unions to advance working class demands. Public institutions are under unprecedented attack by corporate robber barons and right-wing politicians. We believe that public sector workers are the most strategically positioned group in society to win the de-commodification of public education and other common goods. For us, that means strategically working with our fellow UC unions. The UAW International is also one of our most important and underutilized coalition partners. An approach that prioritizes both solidarity with UAW workers in all sectors and our critique of business unionism will allow us to leverage broad power against the capitalist class. We know that 2865 alone cannot constitute its own social movement. Social movement unionism means cross-union solidarity.

5. Worker Solidarity

Collective liberation works towards the abolition of structural oppressions by addressing how structural oppressions affect each one of us differently and affect all of us collectively. When we work together across the barriers kept in place to divide us, and actively work to diminish these barriers, we strengthen our organizing for an inclusive, egalitarian, and democratic university. When combined, our diverse identities and experiences give us the perspectives and tools to dismantle systems of economic and social oppression, and to create a world in which all people are free.

6. Collective Liberation

Winning a UC for All requires our commitment as unionists to doing the hard work of grassroots organizing and political education: face-to-face conversations through door-knocking, phone-banking, tabling, leafleting, departmental meetings, and other means that build relationships and opportunities to educate one another as workers. These are the power-building tactics that the most successful social movements in U.S history have used to achieve transformative change. There are no shortcuts to building the capacity to pull off mass collective actions with a politically-activated membership.

7. No Shortcuts